Fences and construction works

Welcome to a website of ZPB.PL, Production and Construction Plant form Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland. Our company specializes in production and execution of: fences, gates, ballustrades and gratings since over 20 years. We also execute all the construction works associated with them, as well as plastering, building insulation, screeds and laying paving stones. We operate in the whole country and even abroad.

We offer comprehensive execution of all foregoing works. We can insulate a house, execute a fence, install a gate, a wicket or a ballustrade and lay paving stones simultaneously. If You are searching for reliable and experienced executor of any of foregoing services, we encourage You to acquaint with our offer and to start cooperation with us. .

Choose a part of offer that You are interested in:

  • Fences: forged, of clinker, split
  • Gates: forged, sliding, automatics
  • Ballustrades/gratings: forged ballustrades, handrails. gratings
  • Construction works: plastering and screeds, insulation, paving stones

Prestigious realization at Sielecki Castle

One of our latest realizations was an execution of a fence of Sielecki Castle in Sosnowiec, Poland. Realization included execution of object’s front fence with an entrance gate from scratch. The entire fence was made by conventional methods, which means riveted manually connections, forged arrowheads, fulfillment of a square bar 14×14 mm, simple and classic design - matched to character of the object.