Plastering and screeds

Tynkowanie i wylewkiApart from all types of gates, fences, ballustrades or handrails, our company also executes construction works, such as: plastering of houses and buildings, building insulation, general construction works, clinker elevations, elevation painting and various types of screeds.

We execute plasters and machine screeds with bifunctional aggregate, which saves our Customers’ time and money.

We realize orders in the whole country.

Detailed offer for plasters and machine screeds (including indicative prices)

Machine plasters
Gypsum plasters - price (assuming thickness of about 1,5 cm): 23 PLN/m2
Traditional, cement-lime plasters - price: 26 PLN/m2
Costs of material, aluminum corners and support materials included.

Machine - anhydrite screeds
We execute anhydrite screeds in following ranges:
Anhydrite primer (min. thickness of 2 cm) associated with ground.
Anhydrite primer (min. thickness of 3 cm) on separating layer.
Anhydrite ‘swimming’ primer (min. thickness of 3,5 cm) on a layer of thermal or acustic isolation.
Anhydrite primer in floor heating system (min. thickness of 4,5 cm + external diameter of heating element - thickness of a layer over heating elements: min. 3 cm).

We execute anhydrite screeds of materials of:
Kreisel company - ‘anhydrite screed 400’ system
or Knauf company - ‘Knauf FE50 liquid screed’.
Price of anhydrite screed execution is 11-12 PLN/m2, material costs not included.
Material cost depends on screed thickness required by Customer. You should assume using up about 19 kg of screed to obtain thickness of 1 cm on a surface of 1 m2. At current material prices, it gives a cost of about 12 PLN.
In case of floor heating we need execute a screed with a min. layer thickness of 4.5 cm + external diameter of heating component (thickness of a layer over heating components: min. 3 cm).
It gives an indicative cost of 54-60 PLN/m2. Labor cost still is 11-12 PLN/m2.

Traditional screeds (cement/concrete)
We execute screeds of Kreisel company’s material - M15 cement primer.
Indicative price is 12 PLN/m2. Material cost depends on layer thickness.
For example, material cost for executing a traditional screed with thickness of 3-4 cm on a surface of 1 m2 currently is 26 PLN.