Forged handrails

Poręcze kuteThere are over 80 handrail designs in our offer. We execute and install forged metal handrails, steel handrails, stair handrails and balcony handrails. Thanks to experience gained by our team during hundreds of orders since over 20 years, we can realize almost each individual project of our Customers.

Forged handrails are simple and cheap protection on stairs. Components installed outside are additionally hot-dip galvanized.

We realize orders in the whole country.

Example prices

Forged steel handrail, with a width of about 40 mm, ornamental terminations, stylized mounting brackets; stove painted, patinated (old gold).
Price: about 330 PLN/lm.

Hot-dip galvanizing provides long-term anticorrosion protection and stove painting provides high-quality coat of varnish.

The lowest price

Steel handrail mounted by stylized brackets, hot-dip galvanized, stove painted
Price: about 230 PLN/lm.

Please note: Prices are indicative and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law.