Clinker fences

We offer execution of durable and esthetic clinker fences in different colours, foundations for clinker fences, forged spans and fence spans. Our offer also includes installing of up-and-over doors and sliding gates.

We have also prepared a competitive price-list of clinker and mortar for clinker for our Customers. We work with materials of the best companies since many years. We execute bricklaying of clinker using mortar for clinker bricks, which prevents formation of ‘efflorescences’.

We also execute fences of split concrete blocks (of Drewbet company), stylized to: split granite, split sandstone and many more colour designs.

 We realize orders in the whole country.

Example prices

Fence of clinker bricks from 1 type, in a classic red colour. Price: from 470 PLN/lm.

The lowest price

Fence of split concrete blocks, attractive appearance (split granite, split sandstone, etc.)
Price: 230-380 PLN/ lm

The highest quality

Fence made of clinker bricks, from 1 type, shaded, with interesting texture.
Price: from 600 PLN/ lm

Please note: Prices are indicative and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law. They depend on project, especially: wall height, number of bars, etc.